THE KINGS WORLD: Battle of the Soul film coming soon!

In the end we are only remembered through stories

My name is Asher Pike. Director of the upcoming film THE KINGS WORLD Battle of the Soul and CEO of Goldenmoral cinemas. This upcoming film is full of morals, emotion and adventure. A great watch.

We are partnering with David Simkins as well, a master at film composition on our future projects. Stay tuned for updates and trailers on our channel Goldenmoral cinemas on Youtube.

Our films trailer! The Kings World: Battle of the Soul

The sorcerer-King Soulor conquers everything he sees in his prideful quest to unite the world. Among those few who have escaped his raids a lad, Arcaydes, survives in the wilderness. He tries desperately to find a purpose now without a family and no one to talk to-but danger lurks at every corner!

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He is our trailer composer and set to be a composer for upcoming films after battle of the soul.

Map of Verdas. The fantasy world In which the film takes place created by Asher Pike. Stay tuned for more.